That special ring, just for you

A diamond ring to hear your pledge of everlasting love and preserve it for the rest of time.
The ultimate appeal of TASAKI is delivering the quality you would expect in that special ring just for you.

We want to help women all over the world look stunning and shine their brightest.
We take responsibility for every process to create genuine articles.
The tradition of TASAKI has and will continue on unchanged.

The pursuit of beauty

The diamond is a gemstone with an inextinguishable brilliance and has been revered over many years as a symbol of eternity. Transcending national borders and the ages, the king of all gem stones is brought to life under the hand of skilled craftsmen.
Our commitment in every stage of production is to bring to life and ignite the fire in every diamond. In each diamond is a unique brilliance that can only be realized with the ultimate in quality and skilled craftsmanship.

Unparalleled brilliance

Unparalleled brilliance

Perfectly clear, flamboyant brilliance – this aptly describes the diamonds born from TASAKI’s pride in the pursuit of absolute perfection. World class cutting technology ensures a brilliance unlike any seen before.

TASAKI's platinum Pt950

TASAKI’s platinum “Pt950”

TASAKI Pt950 is a product of state-of-the-art technologies.
Employing a unique hardening process (patented) Pt950 is a revolutionary material with approximately twice the deformation resistance as 18K gold and Pt 1000 and can also be restored to its original hardness after resizing. It maintains pliability for easy workability during the shaping and stone setting stages of design and the successful development of a unique hardening process in the final stages has helped to achieve a delicate and refined form that conventionally has been difficult to obtain.

TASAKI Pt950 made its first appearance in the bridal collection in 2010.